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Staff Development Day


The Staff Development Day planned for this Friday, 3rd July, has been cancelled.  Instead, it will be held on Wednesday 22nd July ahead of the Staff Development Day already planned for Thursday 23rd July.


The last day for children who are in school this term will therefore be Tuesday 21st July.


Milo and the Magical Stones!


On a small island in the middle of the sea, a mouse named Milo makes an extraordinary discovery - a magic, glowing stone hidden in a deep crevice.


Join Mrs Cresswell as she discovers whether this discovery will bring the mice delight or disaster.

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Key Worker Pods Celebrate the Queen's Birthday!


This week in the Key Worker Pod, we said goodbye to our little furry friends and celebrated the Queen turning 94. 


This week we have been writing letters to the Queen (which have been posted to Buckingham Palace) designed a cake and some invites to her birthday party. On Friday, we made our own picnic including some yummy cakes made by Mrs Cope  and took it outside to the field. After that, we played some the hall pretending we were really in the grounds of the Palace! 


We also said goodbye to our 6 furry friends. The Duck family were collected just before lunch but luckily not before we had a chance for some final cuddles and playtime in the hall! We have absolutely loved watching these little ducklings grow into teenagers and can’t believe how big (& noisy!) they got! 



Duchess of Cambridge Assembly


This week The Duchess of Cambridge joined the Oak Academy and presented an assembly for them about the importance of spreading a little kindness for our mental wellbeing.


This assembly is based on a lesson plan which is available on the Mentally Healthy Schools Platform. It was developed in collaboration with children’s mental health charity Place2Be and encourages children to explore ways in which they can show kindness, and recognise the benefits of kindness to others.


EYFS Outside Equipment


Please may we respectfully ask parents dropping their children into Year R pods not to let them, or their siblings, play on any of the equipment set up outside.


The equipment will have been cleaned and antibac'd ready for the day's activities, but if children and siblings play on it beforehand it needs to be thoroughly cleaned again before the pod children can use it.


Thank you for your understanding and assistance in this.




Duck Tales!


We thought you’d like to see what our little ducklings have been up to over the weekend!


They went home with Miss Kierans, and her dog Ted kept a close eye on them to make sure they didn’t escape. They enjoyed some time outside in the fresh air, and even had their first swimming lesson!


They’ve had a wonderful time with Miss Kierans and Ted, but are now back at school with one of our key worker pods.


Please see a few videos below:

Having a swim

Splashing About!



The Snail and The Whale


Miss Hornett is reading a story called "The Snail and The Whale" where one tiny snail longs to see the world and hitches a lift on the tail of a whale.


Together they go on an amazing journey, past icebergs and volcanoes, sharks and penguins, and the little snail feels so small in the vastness of the world.


But when disaster strikes and the whale is beached in a bay, it's the tiny snail who saves the day.

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Big Bad Owl!


Ms Daniells would like to read you one of her favourite books - Big Bad Owl!


Feeling cranky? Out of sorts? Perhaps a teeny bit tetchy? Then flap off over to Scowl’s grumpy branch for a good old grouch and grumble... Everybody wants to cheer Scowl up, but there’s one thing that makes him the happiest owl in the world – and that’s being in a good old grump!

click here for the full video


Your Grandparents Are Zombies!


You are a deep-sea explorer, like your older siblings.


While your older brother and sister made international headlines unearthing the Lost City of Atlantis, you are a bit more ecologically-minded.


You are certain that species exist in the deep sea that no one has found before. Scientists confirm this to be true.


What secrets to the universe can you uncover?


Join Mrs Mendham as she rolls the dice to determine how the story ends!

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Highsted Test


As you may already be aware, the Highsted Test is an additional 'optional' test for local girls to sit in order to have access to their local grammar school in September 2021.

If you would like your child to sit the Highsted test you need to register her details between 1 June 2020 and no later than 4:00 pm on 29 June 2020. You will be required to provide evidence
of your registration for the Kent test when completing your registration for the Highsted Test.

You should be aware that the testing date has yet to be confirmed due to restrictions relating to Covid-19, however, we advise you to register your child for the test within the scheduled window for them to have an opportunity to sit the test.

Should you require any further additional information regarding testing arrangements, please contact where you queries can be answered.

Parental Letter Highsted Test 


Egg-citing News!


This week we have had some very egg-citing visitors in school!


On Monday, 6 duck eggs were put into an incubator and were kept toasty at 37 degrees.


On Tuesday morning, Donald Duck hatched before waking up all his brothers and sisters! Dappy Duck followed then along came Dorothy Duck! After lunch, twins Daffy and Daisy were born with Donut appearing at 2pm! 


All the ducklings are happy and healthy and we left them all snuggled up together underneath their heated bedroom! 




Chalkwell Coaches


Year 6 parents and carers

Please see the attached press release from Chalkwell Coaches which gives information on their sign up service for children who will be going to Year 7 in September.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Chalkwell Coaches directly.



Local school bus operator Chalkwell,has announced plans for a ‘Sign up for September travel updates’ campaign for those Year 6 pupils transitioning to Sittingbourne schools.

This campaign is designed to give Chalkwell greater control over passenger numbers across vehicles whilst maintaining Covid Secure measures at all times.

Parents and guardians of children from Sheppey, Iwade, Lower Halstow, Upchurch and the villages surrounding Sittingbourne will be encouraged to simply sign up their child at to receive updates when available.

Following social distancing guidelines, Chalkwell are appealing to parents and guardians to sign their children up so they can provide updates on changes to services along with enabling them to respond to demand and spread numbers of children across more vehicles.

Roland Eglinton, Managing Director said‘ Chalkwell are committed to providing a safe, Covid secure environment for your children. We have gone to great lengths to provide the reassurance you need in these times. We urge you to sign up for our updates and tell fellow parents and guardians to do the same, by doing this it will enable us to remain in touch and provide the updates and information required’.


Guess How Much I Love You


Sometimes, when you love someone very, very much, you want to find a way of describing how much you treasure them.


But, as Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare discover, love is not always an easy thing to measure ......


Join Miss Farrant as she reads the story of Little and Big Nutbrown Hares’ efforts to express their love for each other

Click here for the full video


Zog and the Flying Doctors


Join Mrs Beech as she meets Princess Pearl, Sir Gadabout and, of course, their trusty 'air ambulance', Zog the dragon.

There's much to do, as they fly around tending a sunburnt mermaid, a distressed unicorn and a sneezy lion.

But should princesses really be doctors?

Pearl's uncle, the King, doesn't think so - until he himself falls ill, and only Pearl knows how to cure him.

Click here for the full video


Calling All Year 5 Pupils


Are you a girl in Year 5 who may be thinking of going to Highsted next year?

If so, read on!

Highsted Grammar School have some events planned to help you make new friends, meet some teachers, and get to know the school by attending some fun, subject based activities.

The attached posters have more information

Highsted Aim High June 2020.png


Highsted Endless Ocean.png


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