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Parents Information

Parents are always welcome to come and discuss their children with the teachers at the end of the day. The Headteacher is more than happy to meet parents as the need arises, and welcomes discussion and feedback about the school's development. An appointment is not always required, but is clearly sometimes necessary.

Regular newsletters are sent to parents from the Headteacher, subject leaders and other agencies. Parents may contact the school through its email address:

The school uses Text2parents to pass on school information when necessary.

The Westlands Primary School is committed to developing a strong sense of partnership with parents/carers and other members of the local community. This provides a good basis for understanding and resolution when things appear to go wrong. The School has a Complaints Policy which describes the procedures to be followed when complaints are made by parents/carers and others about the conduct of the school or the actions of any member of staff or Governing Body.

The Westlands Primary School is committed to safeguarding all the children in its care and promoting their well-being. The school has rigorous procedures to keep children safe.

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