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Home Learning

Home Learning at Westlands Primary School

At Westlands Primary School we set tasks for pupils to complete at home. We believe that the development of independent learning skills is an important element of children’s academic growth and something which will serve pupils well as they progress through their academic careers. We also encourage parents and carers to talk with their children about their current learning and to ensure that set tasks are completed.

The following home learning tasks will be set each week:

Mathletics – Our online platform for pupils to revise core mathematics skills. Class Teachers will set tasks designed to provide pupils with the opportunity to independently further develop the skills and knowledge they are focusing on in class. Weekly tasks should take around 30 mins to complete.

For more information about Mathletics, please speak to your child’s Class Teacher or visit Mathletics.

Bug Club – An online application which allows pupils to enjoy a range of age-appropriate texts, ranging from classic novels at exciting comic books. Class Teacher will also set questions for pupils to answer based on their understanding of what they have read.

For more information about Bug Club, please speak to your child’s Class Teacher or visit Active Learning.

Home Reading – We believe that the most important way that families can support their children’s development is to read with them regularly and talk about what they have read. Pupils will bring home a range of books for them to read with an adult at home. We hope that families will find the time to listen to their child read on most evenings.

Longer term home learning:

Projects – Each term, pupils will be set the task of completing a project at home which will be linked to their current class topic. Teacher will provide full details to families every time a project is set, but tasks may include undertaking research, creating presentations/ project-books or maybe even building models!

If you ever have any questions about your child’s home learning, please speak with their Class Teacher.