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Year 1

Garnet Class
Class Teacher: Mrs McIntyre
Teaching Assistant: Miss Brannagan

Topaz Class
Class Teachers: Mrs Clifton
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hardgrave

Sapphire Class
Class Teachers: Miss Rayner
Teaching Assistant: Miss Bryant

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Year 1 Curriculum Letter Term 2

Yearr 1 Curriculum Letter Term 3




Term 2

Super us!


This term we have been busy looking at the different seasons focusing on Autumn. We looked at how the leaves and weather have changed and why this happens showing our understanding through producing lots of Super work.

We have looked at lots of events such as Children in Need, Remembrance Day and Bonfire night making some fantastic displays!

In science we have looked at animals; their features and what they eat and also at parts of the body.

Well done on a fantastic term have a lovely well deserved break!








Term 1


This term has been fantastically busy for year 1.  We have been  learning about ourselves, discussing our likes and dislikes and how we are all brilliant and unique.  We really enjoyed writing instructions  to make a jet pack, imagining could fly away from the wolf.   We wrote an amazing song about Supertato, even adding a tune in music!  We also created speech bubbles for the character from the Supertato story.

In maths, we have been looking at place value,putting numbers in order forwards and backwards, one more, one less, greater than and less than.  We looked at 3D shapes and 2D shapes


During our science sessions we have had some super fun finding out about the properties of materials.  We put this knowledge to the test by making a water carrier that did not leak and a bookshelf that managed to hold 17 large books.  Additionally we made a bridge that had to go between two tables and hold a toy car.