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Year 5

Amethyst Class
Class Teacher: Miss McDonald
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Piesley

Aquamarine Class
Class Teacher: Miss Irving
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cresswell

Tourmaline Class
Class Teacher: Mr Kimber
1:2 AEN Support: Mrs Battrum

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Years 5 & 6 Curriculum Overview


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Term 6

Year 4 enjoyed a fantastic trip to The Tower of London.

They were excited to see many landmarks in London, and were thrilled to see Tower Bridge.

At The Tower of London, the children took part in a workshop where they learnt all about Henry VIII's wives. We were also lucky enough to see The Crown Jewels.

We all had a thoroughly enjoyable day.



Term 2

In Term 2, our topic has been World War 2, exploring both sides of the frontline and the impact that the war had on different countries. Children experienced life on the Home Front by making rock cakes and planning a weekly menu based on accurate amounts of food available therefore seeing the effect that rationing had on the population in the 1940’s.

Through our book “Once” by Morris Gleitzman we have explored a Jewish boy’s perspective of life in Germany and Poland under Nazi rule. The book has been a fantastic gateway into harrowing aspects of the war and has allowed children to expand their vocabulary and improve their knowledge of punctuation through the use letter and journal writing.

Year 5, along with year 6, enjoyed a World War 2 week. The children took part in a number of workshops, Propaganda  in WW2 and Evacuees & the Media, as well as experiencing life in the Blitz undertaking air raid protocol by seeking cover under desks. The children thoroughly enjoyed this even if they did struggle with the cramped conditions.


Continuing the Blitz, we created sky lines using silhouettes and watercolours, exploring the colours of the sky during the blackout and blitz. As part of the schools celebration of the centenary of the Armistice, children created poppies with clay which were displayed as part of the commemoration.


In maths, year 5 have been learning about numbers including prime numbers, squared numbers and cubed numbers. In addition, through the embedded topic, children have calculated area of beaches used in Operation Overlord, repairing base perimeters and doing blast radius area analysis of irregular shapes.


Over the term, we have been investigating light and its properties. Classes have built periscopes and discovered that light travels in straight lines.


Term 1

Our Term 1 topic has been World War One, which the children have enjoyed immensely. The book ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo has been a fantastic stimulus for our reading and writing lessons, meaning that all of our written work from this term has been set during the events of World War One. The year group have made some excellent progress already, expanding their knowledge of punctuation and beginning to make more deliberate choices when selecting vocabulary and phrases to enrich their writing.

In maths, the pupils moved onto larger numbers with confidence and have been impressing us with their addition and subtraction skills using the column method. We have also been learning about line graphs, which can sometimes be a tricky concept to understand, but the children have produced some brilliantly accurate and clear graphs in their books. Well done Year 5!

Year 5 really enjoyed their World War One day, for which a educational reenactment company visited to deliver ‘Not only the boys’ and ‘Spy school’ workshops!

The children enjoyed working out codes to deliver messages! These we were a large feature of World War One. We also explored artefacts such as cameras, phones and telescopes from the time of the war.



We also learnt about the field hospitals from Nurse Carter and how to dress wounds.