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Year 6

Platinum Class
Class Teacher: Mr Shepherd
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Rayner, Mrs Da-Costa Grant, Mrs Gill

Titanium Class
Class Teacher: Mrs Burr
Teaching Assistant: Miss Weston,

Palladium Class
Class Teacher: Miss Rowson
Teaching Assistant:Mrs Fenn

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Term 2

The pupils in Year 5 and 6 took part in a workshop this week about staying safe from issues such as gangs and staying safe on the streets. The workshop was delivered by Excelsior CEO, Mark Pearson, who served for 30 years in the police force. The children enjoyed having the opportunity to discuss these topics.

Pupils listened to Mark tell them about Josh's Story. It helps them to build their resilience to saying no to gangs, drugs and violence and helps them develop the thinking skills to better understand the risks they may well experience and to make the right positive choices.

This was explored through the personal experience of 'Josh', his family and his friends.

The session covered the following areas: -

  • Friendships
  • Always being truthful
  • Exploring and understanding the risks associated with drugs
  • Raising awareness of Peer Pressure and the impact of Group Violence
  • Better appreciating the consequences of wrong decisions being made
  • Appreciating the importance of positive support from Peers and Adults

The session was informative and well received by the children and Mark will be back in the future to deliver an assembly too!


Term 1


In term 1, we will be using the book war Horse by Michael Morpurgo as a focus point for out English and Topic based learning. The book is set in World war I and tells the story of Joey, a spirited farm horse, who finds himself part of Britain’s war effort in Europe. It truy is a great story and gets the children hooked on not only writing, but also finding our more about World war I - in particular the plight of the soldiers and animals who fought on the front line. They will be initially writing diary entries in role as a character from the book.



Much of maths in Year 6 is revision based, so we have started the academic year off by looking at number and place value to 10,000,000. The children have been looking at he value of digits along with ordering numbers in ascending and descending order and rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000.


Some examples of our class learning: