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Year 6

Platinum Class
Class Teacher: Miss Stanton
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Rayner, Mrs Da-Costa Grant

Titanium Class
Class Teacher: Mrs Burr
Teaching Assistant: Miss Weston

Palladium Class
Class Teacher: Miss Rowson
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Gill

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Past SATs Test Paper Can be found HERE

Year 6 Curriculum Letter Term 2

Year 6 Curriculum letter Term 3

Year 6 curriculum letter Term 4

Term 3


Our book for this term is L. Frank Baum’s ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ depicting the timeless classic of Dorothy and her friends journey to the land of Oz in search of magic and mystery as well as gaining friendships along the way. This term we had the amazing experience of taking our students to London’s West End to see the wonderful production of Wicked.  Students had the opportunity to see first hand a performance of a lifetime and represent the school whilst doing so. Since then, our students have been working hard to write reviews, synopsis pieces and create comparative summaries of both the book and live performance. See below some of their wonderful work:




This term Year 6 have been working hard in the lead up to their practice SATs week focusing on Fractions, Decimals, Place Value and Percentages. They have enjoyed learning how to convert fractions into decimals and percentages and use these skills to answer questions relating to money and discounts applied in shops. This type of conversion maths leads them in good stead for their SATs and in later life as they learnt how to convert percentages off of items into real monetary terms.





This term our students have been introduced to the concept of light and using light to understand how we see. The students have been creative in building periscopes after learning about how light travels in straight lines and conducting their own experiments to test theories. Our students have developed a keen interest for the sciences and will have the opportunity to use lightboxes for further study later this term.



When the children have not been testing, they have been completing work for our Topic display. This term we have been looking at Polar Regions. The children have been gaining knowledge on both continents, Antarctica and the Arctic. Throughout the topic the children have gained map skills by researching both locations. Whilst also deepening their knowledge about the animals that live there.



Term 2

It has been a busy term of learning in Year 6. The children have worked hard all term and with enthusiasm - to tackle new concepts in Maths and different genres in English - not to mention the array of subjects covered inTopic and Science


This term, we have mostly been working on Fractions. We have focussed on the use of the four operations, as well as simplifying and finding equivalent fractions. Children have approached this extremely well, even when lessons were tricky, everyone persevered! Well done!




Our Winter writing this term has been based on the spellbinding, seasonal-sensation that is the 2019 Sainsburys Christmas advert. The short clip sees the unfortunate Nicholas the Sweep being saved by the generous and gracious Mrs. Sainburys. The seasonal tale allowed students to step into the past with Dickensian themes of moral fortitude and kindness. The students writing became part of our overall Winter Writing project and was displayed for all to read and enjoy in our main hall. Here are some examples:



We have also very much enjoyed Animal Farm by George Orwell. The idea of rebellion and overthrowing the powers in charge was put to good use, when pupils wrote a persuasive speech to encourage others in rebelling against the staff and taking charge of the school.



Our topic subject this term has been American History, looking at the importance of the Civil Rights Movement in terms of its impact on American society. The students identified the trials and tribulations of the history Civil Rights Movement and analysed in particular; sections of the iconic ‘I Have A Dream’ speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 


The students engaged with the topic, analysing the speech and developing history skills to analyse and interpret the impact and importance of the speech. The classes have also been engaged in rigorous debates about the conditions of African Americans throughout America’s history and the overall significance of Dr. King’s legacy.



Book corners:

At Westlands, we have taken a whole school approach to creating inciting, interesting book corners. Below you will see photos taken of the book corners within Year 6. We are hoping that this will instill the love of reading within our children and many children have been eager to go into the reading areas.


Term 1

It has been a settled and positive start to Year 6 for Platinum, Palladium and Titanium classes. The children have returned to school looking smart and full of enthusiasm for learning, which has been a real pleasure to witness in each classroom.



In Maths, we have been thinking about number - including rounding to 100,000, ordering numbers, negative numbers and partitioning number to 10,000,000. We have been using a new scheme called ‘Power Maths’ which provides lots of challenges and encourages the children to prove what they know when discussing answers. Have a look at this example of our recent learning:

 A couple of Maths books from Ehi and Madihah in Titanium Class.




Our English learning is based around ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. It is a story about Stanley Yelnats IV and the situation he finds himself in, as a result of catching a pair of trainers which fell from the sky.


We have been writing a letter home to Mum and Dad in role as Stanley, from Camp Green Lake, where is spending the next 18 months. Their letters have been fantastic and amusing to read. Next, pupils will be writing detailed descriptions of Camp Green Lake and the desert which surrounds it. As they write, they will be aiming to incorporate a range of adverbials and figurative language - as well as complex and simple sentences to engage the reader.





As part of a whole school project, each class has been asked to draw a portrait of their class teacher and teaching assistant. Our aim is to put these portraits on display outside of our classrooms.




Our topic subject this term has been American History, the students have been learning about the infamous voyages across the sea from Plymouth to the New World whilst exploring the highs and lows of life in the first colonial settlements. Activities have included letter writing, group project learning and presentations. The students have followed the story of the Mayflower and its crew and have started to explore the culture and diversity of the Native American tribes which first inhabited the land.