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  • 21-09-2016 - Guinea Pigs at WPS!

    On Monday afternoon, Year 1 were thrilled to be visited by three very furry friends; each of whom had come to help them with the children's current Topic of Animals!

    These were Zooma, Marshall and Gizmo, three really rather adorable Guinea Pigs!

    Brought in by Josh's very kind mother; the children were able to inspect the Guinea Pigs, holding and feeding them, as well as watching them scurry about in their little enclosure.

    Josh's Mum answered all the questions we had and the children were delighted to find out all they could about the fascinating creatures!

    THANK YOU to Josh's Mum for bringing them in and THANK YOU to Zooma, Marshall and Gizmo for such wonderful patience as we learnt!

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  • 19-09-2016 - Year 3're Making History!

    Making history indeed; as Year 3 have spent the first part of this term studying their Topic of Prehistoric Humanity!

    Year 3 have been learning all about the incredible times our ancient species used to endure, from hunting enormous Woolly Mammoths to learning how to speak for the first time!

    One of the most crucial things Year 3 have been studying is the Prehistoric Art that people have found around the globe, on cave walls and mountainsides; trying tell convey some fascinating stories!

    What were the ancient humans trying to tell with their attempted articulation upon these cave walls? Whatever it may have been; Year 3 have been very much so impressed and were inspired to be just as impressive!

    Creating their very own cave art (only this time on paper or using clay), Year 3 have transformed their corridor into a highly convincing cave; filled with their beautiful paintings and wonderful interpretations of cave art!

    WELL DONE Year 3 for such fantastic art and dedication to your ancient history!

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  • 19-09-2016 - Golden Names Galore!

    In at last are the Golden Names for last week; all the children who's effort, behaviour and actions throughout the week have impressed their class so much they've been awarded a Golden Certificate!

    Is your name here!? Just take a look below and find out who our Golden Certificate Superstars are!

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  • 16-09-2016 - IMPORTANT NOTICE

    Children who have school dinners have to walk around the outside of the building to acces the dining hall.

    It is therefore essential that children bring a coat with a hood on cold/wet days.

    Thank you

  • 15-09-2016 - Football Club

    Due to high demand we will be offering a further 10 KS1 and 10 KS2 places for a football club after school on Tuesdays.

    Booking texts will be sent at 6pm this evening.

    There will be no waiting list - it is strictly a first come, first served basis.

    The cost is £1 in total for the whole 2 terms until Christmas.

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