Year 6 Science

This week Year 6 have been learning about living things.

We started off looking at plant reproduction - many plants produce seeds but not all! We looked at plants like potatoes, which produce tubers, and raspberries, which send out runners to reproduce. The reproductive organs of seed producing plants are usually found in the flower, so we dissected flowers to see them for ourselves. 

In another lesson, we looked at fungi, which we found out are not actually a part of the plant kingdom. We conducted an experiment to prove that yeast, a fungus, was in fact a living thing. When we activated the yeast by changing its temperature with warm water, and provided sugar as a food source, we noticed that carbon dioxide was given off as a waste product as the yeast consumed the sugar. Responding to changes in temperature, eating and giving off waste products are all features of living things. We covered our containers with balloons or cling film to capture the carbon dioxide, making them inflate!