We are asking once again that you drive and park carefully and respectfully when dropping off/collecting children at school.


Unfortunately there are an increasing number of vehicles waiting/parking on the zig zag lines, as well as mounting the pavement and parking behind the wooden bollards on the opposite side of Homewood Avenue.


Please be reminded that you should not park on pavements unless there is a sign that permits it (Rule 244 of the Highway Code), and at no time should you park on the zig-zag lines (Rule 243 of the Highway Code indicates a range a places where motorists should not park, including 'near a school entrance').  The sign on the fence that advises "no stopping 8.30am - 9.30am and 2.30pm - 5pm" does not mean that it is legal to park on the zig-zags outside of these times;  it means that it is for the local authority to enforce during these times, and a police matter outside of these times.


Whilst we do appreciate that parking is difficult at peak times, parking on the pavements and zig-zags is not only illegal but it is extremely dangerous and poses a real threat to the children's safety.  


We would also ask that you are considerate to our neighbours and refrain from blocking access to their driveways.


Thank you in advance for helping us keep our children safe and our relationship with our neighbours harmonious.