Extreme Heat Strategies

As you know, we have already relaxed our uniform policy to help make children more comfortable during the extreme heat that we are currently experiencing, and would like to let you know about some of the other strategies that we are putting in place to help with this.


As well as children being able to wear their PE kit in to school each day, we have built regular water break opportunities into our day and will actively encourage all children to drink plenty of water.  We will ensure that there is no vigorous physical activity planned, and children will be kept in the shade if outside. 


We have also asked staff to reduce or eliminate the use of heat omitting devices such as laptops and projectors within the classroom.


Parents and Carers are encouraged to apply suncream to their children before they come to school.


Sports Day is still planned for Wednesday next week as it is forecast to be cooler (around 24 degrees) but obviously we will be monitoring the forecast closely over the coming days and will keep you updated with any changes to this.