Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and Peer Mediators

We have recently appointed Anti-Bullying Ambassadors across the school, from Year 1 to Year 6, to support our work in making Westlands Primary School a bully-free zone.

The new Ambassadors will;


  • attend anti-bullying training sessions and meetings
  • assist teachers to develop and deliver anti-bullying lessons and assemblies (including work on cyber-bullying)
  • help pupils to understand what bullying is and the different types of bullying
  • report any incidents of bullying that they witness in or out of school, and to encourage all pupils to do the same
  • be aware of pupils who may be more vulnerable to bullying and support them through a 'buddy' role


We have also trained some of our Year 5 pupils in Peer Mediation and they really enjoyed their visit from Maidstone Mediation. As a result, there were so many children who wanted to become peer mediators that we will be holding two training sessions instead of one, so thank you to everyone who volunteered. The first group of children have now been selected and trained by Maidstone Mediation to become Peer Mediators and they will be helping Year 3 on the playground, wearing hi-viz waistcoats so that they are easily identifiable. 

Another Peer Mediation training session will follow shortly, and all of our trained Peer Mediators will receive a certificate and a shiny Peer Mediator badge to wear on their uniform.