Year 3, Term 4 Update

Year 3 has had a fantastic first week back at school.  They began their week by visiting a local church and learning all about Shrove Tuesday.  This supported their understanding of Christianity and gave them a first hand experience of visiting a local religious building.


Have a look at the photos below to have an insight into their amazing day - especially the pancakes!


Within our English lessons, the children have started to learn about different forms of poetry.  They have studied Haikus, Shape poems and Acrostic poetry.  They have used their prior knowledge of figurative language to plan some excellent poems.


In Maths, the children developed their understanding of length by adding and subtracting units of measures.  They used their skills of column addition and subtraction to solve mathematical problems. 


The children are looking forward to displaying their printmaking Artwork from last term, this Friday, in their Art Gallery in our main hall! Make sure you come along! Here are some pictures of the children printing from last term.