Year 3's Trip to Church for Lent

For R.E day this term, Year 3 were lucky enough to visit a local church to learn all about Shrove Tuesday and Lent!


We walked all the way to the church, where we were welcomed in with smiles from the church staff. We had a welcome talk, then we separated into two groups.


The first group were able to decorate a pancake with tasty treats, chocolate buttons, fruit and other various toppings! Yummy! While they were enjoying their decorated pancakes, the second group went on a treasure hunt to find all the important objects around the church. Then we swapped over so everyone had a chance to experience both activities. Finally, we had a talk by Reverend Colin about the importance of Lent to Christians.


The children had a fantastic time and learnt lots! We want to say a MASSIVE thank you to all the staff at HTSB Church!