Safe Driving/Parking

Once again we are receiving a large number of complaints from local residents and pedestrians regarding dangerous and inconsiderate parking and driving during the school drop-off and collection times.


May we please ask that you;

  • Do not park on the 'School Keep Clear' (zig zag) markings 
  • Do not drive along the footpath to move up spaces
  • Do not park where your vehicle will cause difficulty to the Road Crossing Patrol (lollipop lady)


At the Johnson Road site, for our Nursery and Head Office (which some of our parents/carers use to walk up to us despite it not being a public car park), please;

  • Do not park on the curb anywhere on site, the pavements are used for pedestrians, often small children
  • Do not block any cars in that are already parked
  • Do not obstruct the disabled parking space
  • Have consideration for the other users of the site

Not adhering to these basic safety measures puts our pupils and their families, as well as other pedestrians and road users, at risk of harm.