NHS Health Checks

The NHS are unable to come in to school to carry out the Year R, 1 and 6 health checks next term

Children in Years R, 1 and 6 were due to have NHS health screening checks next term.


Unfortunately, due to the impact of Covid19, they are unable to provide this service.


Please see their letters on our website with information of how to check your own child's health, and how to contact them if you have any concerns.


Year R - https://www.westlandsprimary.org.uk/_site/data/files/users/4/letters/6D33C22A9DCEC8FDB067A9662CCBDA59.pdf


Year 1 - https://www.westlandsprimary.org.uk/_site/data/files/users/4/letters/44448DCA48DCCA241A749DC5AF3BCEE2.pdf


Year 6 - https://www.westlandsprimary.org.uk/_site/data/files/users/4/letters/D4BA29D4D7FA84C9A7B4E2E6127B901C.pdf