Breakfast Club

At Westlands Primary School we are passionate about supporting parents, carers and children to have a great start to their day.  We believe that when children start their day the right way, they have more energy to learn. We have everything you need that creates a great start to your child’s day with our breakfast club provision.

Our breakfast club provides a safe and fun environment where children can start the day having a healthy breakfast, as well as giving them time to socialise and relax, meaning they are emotionally and physically equipped for the day.

We are located in the dining hall, accessed via the wooden gate, where children can arrive between 7.30am – 8.30 am. During the hour, children are free to help themselves to our self-service breakfast bar, as well as having hot foods served by our staff to enjoy.  These can consist of: 

  • Toast with choice of toppings
  • Cereals (Hot and cold)
  • Variety of fruit
  • Fruit toppings for cereals/toast
  • Fruit juice or water
  • Bagels with a variety of toppings
  • Beans/Spaghetti

Once they have eaten, not only do the children have access to a variety of toys for all ages, but we also have some clubs that run daily.  

  • Sports - Daily in the main hall and/or courtyard
  • Art - Daily in the dining hall
  • Games - Daily in the dining hall

We have a limited number of spaces; therefore, bookings should be requested termly in
advance. The Breakfast Club Manager will then be in touch to discuss the space allocation you requested. 

Once a space has been accepted please make your payments to account a week in advance.  Should you wish to discuss payments further please contact the school.