Design and Technology within the modern world is ever present for all.  It is imperative that all children are given the opportunities to develop their own personal life skills. Through gaining these experiences, children can foster a love of creative learning, which can then support their potential life decisions.  These can include; creativity, critical thinking skills, communication and practical knowledge and competence. 

The Programme of Study, delivered through a rich and varied curriculum, enables children to explore their own potential and talents. Through exposing children to practical experiences, such as construction, cooking, sewing, knitting, design, technology and enterprise opportunities. Our pupils will develop a love of creative learning and how this is apparent within the world around us.

How does this link with our school context? Design and Technology will enable all children to develop resilience, confidence and a sense of achievement.  Through participating in lessons, which can be practical, pupils will have the opportunity to develop ingenuity and expertise.  By challenging their decision-making and risk-taking, their self-awareness will support them into future discoveries and the world beyond.