We want our children to learn about world religions through an enquiry based approach. This will give them knowledge of each religion and then require them to apply this knowledge to answer key questions rather than the knowledge being an end in itself. We also want pupils to relate what they learn to their own experiences and beliefs.

Studying Religious Education gives everyone a chance to reflect and have an informed view on the many cultures that now surround us in our communities. To gain knowledge and understanding of other beliefs fostering a respect for individuals’ rights to practice what is important to them and others.  It allows us to reflect on the purpose of life and give meaning to our existence. It teaches us the importance of right and wrong and to understand other beliefs and traditions.  The acceptance of different ideologies should embed the acceptance of alternative lifestyles.  It can develop in children an understanding of views and opinions of what is going on outside of their community in the wider world and how this can have a significant impact on their lives.