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Home Learning Menu

At Westlands Primary School, we believe that the development of independent learning skills is an important element of children’s academic growth and something which will serve pupils well as they progress through their school careers. Therefore, we set tasks for pupils to complete at home which are presented in a learning ‘menu’. The menu is offered to all pupils (EYFS to Year 6).

Class Dojo points are awarded for completed projects and learning can be completed on paper, in the Home Learning book, or uploaded to Class Dojo. The menu of activities is designed to be fun and engaging and they cover many areas of the curriculum. These activities are linked to the learning that the children are doing in school. Each week, spellings and times tables are also set, as these to form a crucial part of learning in Maths and English. In EYFS, children have the Home Learning Menu and Reading only.

Phonics is also an important part of the Home Learning offer in EYFS, Year 1 and 2.
Take a look: Year 2 Phonics, Reading and Number

Here are some examples of Home Learning from Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2:
Year 1 - Key Stage 1 Home Learning
Year 4 - Key Stage 2 Home Learning


Home Reading

We believe that the most important way that families can support their children’s development is to read with them regularly and talk about what they have read. Pupils will bring home a range of books for them to read with an adult at home. It is expected that pupils read at home and record it in their Reading Record AT LEAST 3 times per week. Staff will record this at school when Reading Records are returned weekly.